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What Women Give Up When They Retire With Their Husbands

Women who retire when their husbands do may be giving up more wealth than they realize. Married women overall are still in their peak earning years in their 50s and early 60s, while married men’s earnings are on the decline, says economist Nicole Maestas, an associate professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School […]

3 Myths That Will Ruin Your Retirement Security

Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement, and many people will have lives that last much longer than their money. While I’m not blaming the following myths for people saving so little, individuals don’t need any more reasons, or dumb financial advice, that encourages them to put off saving for retirement any longer. Here are three […]

Gift Card Scam

Has someone asked you to go get a gift card to pay for something? Lots of people have told us they’ve been asked to pay with gift cards – by a caller claiming to be with the IRS, or tech support, or a so-called family member in need. If you’ve gotten a call like this, […]