System Upgrade FAQs

Why Is Argent making these changes?

We have realized the need to upgrade our computer systems to provide our members access to innovative financial products and services.

When will the upgrade take place?

The upgrade will begin the weekend of April 28th.

Which products and services are being upgraded?

In addition to internal processing improvements that will allow us to serve you more efficiently, we are upgrading the following:

  • Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Mobile Banking App to include mobile deposit
  • Online Loan and Account Opening Applications
  • Telephone Banking

Will Argent close during the upgrade?

Yes. The credit union will close at 3:00 pm on Friday, April 28th and will reopen on Tuesday, May 2nd at its regular time. Access to shared branching facilities will also be unavailable while we are closed.

Will I have access to Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Deposit or Telephone Banking during this time?

No. Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Deposit and Telephone Banking services are part of the upgrade. You will not have access to these services beginning at 3:00 PM on Friday, April 28th. The new versions of these systems will be available by Tuesday, May 2nd.  Please refer to the Instructions document on our Upgrade page for step-by-step instructions to access the upgrade services.

Will my personal and financial information be safe and secure during this process?

Yes, the safekeeping of your personal and financial information is of the utmost importance to the credit union. Your information will be completely safe and secure during the upgrade process.

Will my Argent account number change?

No.  Your 6 digit account number will not change.  The individual account suffix (ID) will be modified slightly as indicated in the table below:

Will Argent’s routing number change?

No, our routing number will remain the same.

Will I be able to use my Argent Check Card during this time?

  • Yes, during the conversion period you may still use your Check Card for:
    • Limited Purchases
    • Limited ATM withdrawals
    • ATM deposits – (these will not show on your account until Tuesday, May 2nd
  • During the conversion period the following will not be available with your Check Card at ATMs:
    • Account inquiries
    • Transfers between accounts
  • We suggest you plan ahead to have sufficient cash while the credit union is closed.

Will my Argent Credit Card be affected in any way?

No. There will be no interruption in service with your Argent credit card.

Will there be interruptions in payments I have scheduled in Bill Pay?

Bills that you want paid between April 28th and May 2nd will need to be scheduled by no later than April 25th in order to ensure there are no interruptions.

What will happen if I have automatic payments, deposits or transfers scheduled to post to my account during this time?

Posting of these transactions will occur even though the credit union is closed.

Will Argent’s night deposit box be affected during the branch closure?

No.  Items deposited into our Night Deposit boxes after 9:00 AM on April 28th will be processed on May 1st by approximately 12 noon.

Will I be able to access Argent’s website?

The credit union’s website will be accessible for general product and service information as well as system upgrade information, however not for transactional business. You may also visit our Facebook page for up-to-date system upgrade information.

Where can I get more information on the upgrade?

Continue to visit this page for detailed information on future upgrade communications. We will be adding to this list of FAQs as we get closer to May. In addition, information will be sent through either US Postal Service mail, by email or both.