Checking Switch Kit

Switch To A Credit Union With Our Checking Switch Kit

We make switching your checking account simple with our Switch Kit!  We walk you through each step of the way and provide you with all the necessary tools!

Three easy ways to switch your checking account:
1 – Stop by any Member Center location and we’ll do it all for you while you relax!
2 – Follow the steps below, fill out the forms and bring them to any Member Center and we’ll do it for you.
3 – Do it yourself by following the steps below and mailing the forms and letters.

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Let's Get Started!

STEP 1. Open your Argent Credit Union FREE Checking Account!
You can do this by downloading our Account Change Card and adding Checking to your account, by visiting a Member Center or calling us at 804-748-9488 or 800-943-3328.

STEP 2. Close your account at your other financial institution.
Stop using your old checking account and make sure you allow time for outstanding checks and automatic payments to clear.  Plus make sure you have no more deposits coming into that account. Then complete the Request to Close Accounts Letter and mail it to your old financial institution.

STEP 3. Change your direct deposit to Argent Credit Union.
Print and complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form, submit this form to your employer or any other company you want to automatically deposit funds into your Argent Account.  You will need our Routing Number – 251082233.

STEP 4. Make sure you change or set up automatic payments.
Change your automatic payments from your old checking and debit accounts to your new Argent Checking Account or new Argent Debit Card. Don’t forget you will need your Argent Account Number and our routing number – 251082233.