VISA Checkout

Online Payments Made Easy

Online Payments Made Easy

Pay online the easier way with Visa® Checkout and your Argent VISA Platinum Card, Argent VISA Rewards Card, or Argent VISA Debit Card.

Fast     →    Simple     →    Secure

It's Easy to Use

It's Easy to Use

Visa Checkout is a simple, speedy and safe new way to get through the checkout line.  Just follow these three steps:

  1. Create a Visa Checkout account.
  2. Go shopping! Visa Checkout is offered at most of your favorite merchants.
  3. When you’re done shopping, simply click the Visa Checkout button and pay with a single login.


Easy, Safe & Secure

It’s easy. It’s safe. It’s secure.

  • Pay the easier way: Use a single login from any device.
  • Pay with confidence: Guard your data behind multiple layers of security.
  • Keep earning rewards: Enjoy everything you love about your card.

Look for the Visa Checkout button when you shop online



Argent VISA Platinum

Argents Platinum Card 325

The perfect credit card to handle all of your purchasing needs. >>

Argent VISA Platinum Rewards

Argents Rewards Card 325

Turn everyday purchases into rewards by accruing points. >>

Argent VISA Debit Card

It works like a check but has the convenience of a credit card. >>