VISA® Gift and Reloadable Cards

The Perfect Gift. Anytime!

Argent makes it easy for you when it comes to gift giving.  You no longer have to worry about finding the right gift. The Argent VISA Gift Card is a great gift for the holidays, birthdays or any occasion! Choose from several different card themes, and you can even personalize your Gift Card too!

The Argent Reloadable Card is perfect for travelers, students, and for someone without a checking account.

How to Purchase VISA Gift Card or Reloadable Card

  1. Purchase Online with your Argent VISA Debit Card or Argent VISA Credit Card.
  2. Purchase at any one of five Argent Credit Union locations.

Visa Reloadable Cards

VISA Reloadable Cards

  • VISA Reloadable Cards can be purchased for only $9.95.
  • Prepaid Cards can be reloaded by phone or online using the debit or credit card that you registered during enrollment.  Direct deposit can also be made to the VISA Reloadable card. Or, simply reload your card at any Member Center location.
  • Non-personalized, instant-issue cards can be loaded once and reloaded up to three additional times.
  • Personalized cards can be reloaded unlimited times.
  • No credit checks or interest charges.
  • Protected by VISA’s Zero Liability Policy, in the event your card is lost or stolen.

VISA Gift Cards and Reloadable Cards can be used anytime and anywhere VISA is accepted.  They are versatile, convenient and perfect for traveling or for college students.  They’re also a great way to keep track of your spending.

Visa Gift Cards

VISA Gift Card

  • VISA Gift Cards can be purchased for only $3.95.
  • Load as little as $20.00 on the card.
  • Cards can be registered online to track balances.

Register online to track balances