This Survey Says 1 in 3 Americans Can’t Define These Basic Finance Terms

Surprise! It’s time for a pop quiz. Do you know what a 401(k) is? What does HELOC stand for? Can you name the three major credit bureaus? If you’re feeling a bit stumped, you’re not alone — a recent survey by GoBankingRates revealed one in three Americans don’t understand “simple finance terms and concepts.” The […]

The Difference Between Hard and Soft Credit Inquiries

If you’ve received credit offer after offer in which you’re “pre-approved” for a certain product, you may wonder how the lender made their decision. The insurance/credit card/mortgage company likely made a “soft” credit inquiry into your report without your permission, allowing them a glimpse of your credit. Soft credit inquiry In addition to those pre-approval […]

Save Money on Groceries This Fall With These 5 Budget Tips

With the arrival of the brightly colored autumn leaves and cooler temperatures, it’s time to shake up your grocery list. Summer produce is coming to an end, and you can officially start eating all those pumpkin-flavored treats you’ve been dreaming about for weeks. But before you dive headfirst into fall, check out these five coupon-free […]

15 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

If you don’t teach your kids how to manage money, somebody else will. And that’s not a risk you want to take! We’ll show you how to give your kids the head start you wish you had and set them up to win with money at any age. How to Teach Pre-Schoolers and Kindergartners About […]

48 Ways to Save Money When You’re a Broke College Student

Between your studies and your social life, there’s a lot competing for your time and attention in college. Still, you can’t forget about your finances. You’re not in high school anymore; you’re an adult in charge of your financial future. And if you want to master this adulting thing, you’re going to have to dedicate […]

5 Rules for an Emergency Fund That Will See You Through (Almost) Anything

An emergency fund may go by many names, but at its core, it’s an economic essential for anyone seeking financial independence. The emergency fund—similar to, but not always the same as, an emergency safety net—is a cash cushion against financial hardships such as losing your job, getting evicted or getting in an accident; it’s the […]

What You Need to Know About the Latest Social Security Scam

Social Security scams are hardly a new thing, but the latest one could cause you a fair amount of undue stress, not to mention put your finances at risk. Scammers have been calling seniors claiming to be Social Security Administration (SSA) reps and threatening to suspend benefits for those who don’t provide the information they […]

You Might Be On The Hook For Your Parents’ Nursing Home Costs

The annual cost of care study was just released by Genworth, showing the average private room in a nursing home – for the first time ever – costs over $100,000 a year. If that number doesn’t shock you, it should. Imagine your parents needing this type of care. Now imagine that instead of your parents […]

What Women Give Up When They Retire With Their Husbands

Women who retire when their husbands do may be giving up more wealth than they realize. Married women overall are still in their peak earning years in their 50s and early 60s, while married men’s earnings are on the decline, says economist Nicole Maestas, an associate professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School […]